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Early Diagnosis Saves Lifes
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78% of ALK+ patients are
85% of patients are diagnosed at Stage IV
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Stage at Diagnosis

50% of ALK+ patients were under 50 years of age when diagnosed. The majority were female.
source: ALK Positive Lung Cancer (UK)

EGFR Positive UK, ALK Positive UK and Ruth Strauss Foundation recently launched a £100K award-winning early diagnosis promotion, "See Through the Symptoms", targeted at primary healthcare professionals to raise awareness that anyone with lungs, irrespective of age and smoking status, can get lung cancer.  Some patients are in their twenties.  Many have young children.


Early diagnosis can mean that patients can be cured.

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Please click HERE to see the promotion.
click HERE to read the report of the
"See Through the Symptoms" promotion.
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The promotion is being rolled out by NHS Cancer Alliances and the new Integrated Care Systems.

Please contact us if you are a HCP and would like more information.

click HERE to view the webinar "Lung Cancer in Never-Smokers" by the Primary Care Respiratory Society.
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